NCR Counterpoint helps you run your business

In specialty retail it’s not enough to market great products. You need to differentiate yourself in a highly aggressive industry where you are competing against large chains and serving a demanding, price-sensitive and Internet-savvy clientele. Fortunately, NCR makes it easy to build a rewarding retail business.
We deliver a retail management system powering business for merchants of all sizes.

We want to help you add to your bottom line by increasing sales and reducing costs. Our POS functionality helps you execute transactions efficiently, while our back-office capabilities give you tools to optimize operational performance.






The Solution at a Glance
• Point-of-sale (POS) capabilities
• Inventory management
• Purchasing
• Mobile POS
• Integrated ecommerce
• Gift cards
• Customer loyalty programs
• Integrated email marketing
• Mobile alerting
• Secure payment solutions
• World-class hardware and peripherals

NCR provides powerful sales and management tools custom-designed for retailers. Our retail management POS software, payment services, reporting and analytics make serving your customers easy and efficient. Benefits include:

• Robust POS capabilities: Provide exceptional customer service, while increasing speed of service at checkout
• Purchasing advice: Ensure your purchases are timely and cost-effective, while maintaining inventory levels to meet demand and avoid overstock or stock-outs
• Inventory control: Track a variety of merchandise items, including clothing by size, width and color, serial-numbered goods, and alternate units of measure
• Reporting: Leverage our dashboard and customizable reports to get the data you need to control costs, optimize processes and exploit new opportunities for growth
• Streamlined payment services: Accept all major credit cards and provide lightning-fast credit card authorizations
• Physical count app: Use our mobile app to conduct efficient product counts on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
• Mobile alerting: Use real-time monitoring
to manage operations and stay alert to potential fraud
• Rugged hardware: Touchscreen hardware makes training employees a snap. NCR hardware is built to last and designed to work with NCR Counterpoint tools, enabling you to get store operations up and running quickly


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