Counterpoint MERCHANDISE Solutions

NCR’s success began in 1884 with the invention of the retail cash register by John H. Patterson, and the founding of the National Cash Register Company. For more than 125 years, NCR has helped companies around the world better connect, interact and transact with their customers. Today, NCR is at the center of the retail revolution, strategically poised between consumers who demand fast, easy and convenient options, and businesses intent on increasing revenues, building customer loyalty, reaching the contemporary consumer and lowering their cost of operations. And NCR size, scale and stability instill confidence in the marketplace.

NCR offers solutions that optimize efficiencies at the point of sale, enhance the customer experience and transform businesses, along with services that make life easier. NCR's innovative solutions address retailer needs in multiple industries from grocery to general merchandise to convenience stores and specialty retail including POS software, hardware, kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout, e-commerce, targeted communications, mobile, social media, services and more. NCR is the only company that encompasses every retail touchpoint. Welcome to the new NCR: Leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts business. NCR boldly invites businesses and consumers to "Experience a new world of interaction."

CounterPoint includes a robust inventory management system, touchscreen point of sale (POS) ticket entry, built-in customer loyalty programs, automated purchasing and impressive reporting capabilities. Instant inventory updates let you know what's in stock, on order, and in transit. Track your customers, control your purchasing, retain detailed sales history, or open an online store-CounterPoint includes everything you need to streamline your business and boost your bottom line. CounterPoint has all the features you need to efficiently and effectively operate your business at its fullest potential.

Features that are beneficial to General Merchandise Retailers:

Three dimensional grid for inventory, ordering, and reporting in color/size/width
Kits at point of sale for bundling items
Graphical management dashboard
Quick Reports-Create custom views of what you want to see, and how you want to view it. Add that View to a button in the POS for future reference
Print admission tickets at the point of sale
Manage sales, returns, orders, special orders, backorders, and layaways on the same ticket
Track customers' favorite colors, size, etc. with user-defined profile fields
Suggest items, substitute items and link Items
Robust Multi-store capabilities. Easily view and transfer items from store to store, while each store data is synchronized across multiple sites
View your history from any point in time-6 months, 12 months, 2 years, or 20 years.
Integrated credit. Radiant hardware builds in the credit card swipe directly on the terminal. Eliminating EOD transaction reconciliation and double-entry
Open-database enables you to easily pull your information out of CounterPoint into other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat
Wireless Inventory Scanning-With inventory management, handhelds are instrumental in streamlining receiving, counting, ordering, and audits
Modern touchscreen interface allows you to train employees in 30 minutes
Enhanced Security features


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